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      Yuan Longping (born September 7,1930) is a Chinese agricultural scientist and educator,known for developing the first hybrid rice varieties in the 1970s.His "hybrid rice" has since been grown in dozens of countries in Africa,America,and Asia —providing a robust food source in high famine risk areas.

  Mr.Yuan won the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award of China in 2000,the Wolf Prize in agriculture

  and the World Food Prize in 2004.He is currently is DirectorGeneral of the China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center andhas been appointed as Professor at Hunan Agricultural University,Changsha.He is a member of the Chinese Acade my of Engineering,foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences (2006) and the 2006 CPPCC.

  Mr.Yuan was born in Beijing,China.He loves playing Majong and the Erhu (Chinese violin),swimming and motorcycling.










You can see your hard work in the fruitful rice fields, the rice-scented barns, and the green research rooms. You are always smiling and grinning, because China"s rice industry is growing stronger. You see us happily eating delicious rice, always showing a happy smile. When I saw you, I also showed a happy smile.

"Grain is like gold. Don"t worry about grain." Because of the "super hybrid rice" developed by you, China has gradually become the country with the largest grain reserves in the world. When you were young, you vowed to feed every Chinese. Now, your oath has become a word that touches the hearts of billions of people. Because of your contribution to the food cause, if China fights with other countries, food will become a "weapon". The "weapon" you developed is powerful!

"Food is life, and knowledge saves the soul." Because of your profound knowledge, we developed hybrid rice, and saved countless lives. "I say I have always had two dreams: the first dream is the dream of enjoying the cool in Hexia, which is the dream of pursuing high and higher yield of rice; the second dream is the dream of hybrid rice covering the world. I have always worked hard to make my dream come true, and I hope to work with you to jointly realize these two dreams." I believe that in the near future, the people behind you will certainly realize these two dreams, including me, I will also work hard to realize these two great dreams. Have a good rest.

"What falls is leftovers, and what flows away is sweat." It is you, who use a piece of sweat to grow fragrant rice and cook hot rice. After understanding your contribution to rice, I really understand that "blood and sweat flow away". You have been fighting and worrying for food all your life. When you go to the supermarket, you see that the people"s rice price is stable, and you leave happily. You were so happy and happy. I ate every grain of rice in my bowl today, and my family and friends didn"t waste food. I think you must be very happy to see it?



  There are a lot of great people in China. From ancient times to the present, they are very patriotic. I really admire them. Of all the great Chinese, I think Yuan Longping is the greatest.


  Yuan Longping is the father of hybrid rice. When it comes to him, most people respect him very much. Yuan Longping listed such a formula: Knowledge + sweat + inspiration + opportunity = success.


  In 1960, a rare natural and man-made disaster brought about a serious food famine. All the people were thin and hungry... Yuan Longping also experienced the pain of hunger. He witnessed the harsh reality, remembered the old society and the hardships of the common people, so he wanted to cultivate new varieties of rice with his own wisdom.


  In the experimental field, he found a different rice plant, different from ordinary rice. The difference between them lies in the huge difference in rice yield. This discovery surprised Yuan Longping. After careful searching, this was the only one in the huge experimental field. After careful observation and statistical analysis, it is proved that this rice is a natural hybrid rice Proved that this kind of rice has obvious heterosis phenomenon, he excitedly made it into a specimen, took a picture and sent it to his assistant, and went outside to look for it.


  He and his assistant searched for a long time, and finally found six precious natural rice plants at a water edge. The results of the first cross were not ideal, and new problems came again. Rice is monogamous and self pollinated, so it is difficult to get rid of the male flowers one by one.


  In order to overcome the worlds problems, he bent down in the experimental field every day, taking good care of rice trees, as if he were his own son. When the next batch of rice was successful, he just walked into the field and rushed out excitedly, looking up and laughing: I succeeded! My hybrid rice is successful After repeated cultivation, the yield has jumped from 800 Jin / mu to 1600 Jin / mu. By 2020, the yield of rice stem is higher than that of Zizania latifolia, which is more than 2000 Jin / mu.


  Yuan Longping has made a great contribution to China, which has fed more than one billion people. It has also made due contributions to the world. Now hybrid rice has been popularized all over the world. I will study hard and repay my motherland in the future.


     We watched the movie "yuan longping". The film describes Mr Yuan longping hybrid rice planting and successfully, I watched the movie, feel very sigh with emotion, touched me is Mr Yuan longping indomitable spirit.This movie to a foreigner talk to Mr Yuan longping, on Mr Yuan longping to account before some of the things.Mr Yuan longping is very strong, again and again before him, and he is not afraid of difficulties, not back, he was planting hybrid rice when there are many difficulties, but he always remembered his belief that the pursuit of my life is to make all the people away from hunger.

  Mr Yuan longping is not just sitting in the lab, but to study in the field. CCTV reported, the agriculture department assessment team all just released, guided by Mr Yuan longping "y two optimal 2" one hundred mu of super hybrid rice plots on average 926.6 kg per mu, broke the record of large area of rice per mu in our country.

  Mr Yuan longping represents China perennial spirit, do we stand? We must take action, contribute to the motherland!






"Keep everyone away from hunger". What a great ideal! What a noble pursuit! This is the dream of mankind for thousands of years and the direction of countless heroes. All successful people must have firm and clear ideals. They regard the ideal as the navigation mark of their own life, cut through the thorns, forge ahead bravely and reach the other side of their ideal. Under the guidance of the ideal, Yuan Longping is like a spring with a tight string and a sharp arrow with a full bow, showing the will and strength that ordinary people can"t imagine, and surmounting the difficulties and obstacles that ordinary people can"t imagine. Finally, he realized his long-cherished wish: to feed 22% of the world"s population with 8% of the world"s arable land, and to keep Chinese people away from hunger.

After reading Yuan Longping, I know that if I want to do business, I must learn to be a man first.

Only by being an honest person can we do things in a down-to-earth way; Only a person who is indifferent to fame and wealth can do things wholeheartedly, and only a frank person can do things clearly. If Yuan Longping is greedy for fame and fortune, he may already be a billionaire; If Yuan Longping is greedy for enjoyment, he doesn"t have to linger among the rice fields at the age of 76. He really wants to do something practical for the people, increase farmers" income, and give priority to the country.

Reading Yuan Longping, I know that opportunities favor prepared people.

From the discovery of neutrons by Chadwick to the synthesis of artificial insulin by Chinese scientists. When they encounter opportunities and succeed, which one is not fully prepared and which one has not experienced thousands of experiments? A famous person said well: "When you are ready, you can consider opportunities!" Yes, opportunities always favor those who are prepared.

After reading Yuan Longping, I know that sports are very important because body is the capital of revolution.

Imagine how many new inventions our society will add if all scientists live a long and healthy life! Every time I hear of the death of scientists in their prime, I will feel sorry for them and for the loss of talent in the country. Exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy. Only when you have a strong body can you make more contributions to mankind. Yuan Longping is seventy-six years old and can still experiment in the field, which is directly related to his regular exercise and a healthy body.

Reading Yuan Longping sublimated my spirit; Reading Yuan Longping beautifies my soul; Reading Yuan Longping has added value to my life.